About LaserDynamics

LaserDynamics, LLC was established by General Patent Corporation to develop and commercialize the technology covered by two patents assigned to LaserDynamics. The two patents assigned to LaserDynamics – U.S. Patent Nos. 5,587,981 and 5,959,280 – cover technology that enables an optical disk system to reproduce encoded data from disks in different formats. Once the disk is loaded, a sensing device detects the total number of data layers, diameter or thickness of the disk, and looks for an identification mark on the disk. A CPU (central processing unit) determines the standard by referring the detected signal to the stored data.

As a technology licensing company, LaserDynamics has successfully expanded the use of this patented technology, has identified and developed applications for the technology, and has successfully licensed the technology to several optical disk manufacturers.

LaserDynamics, LLC is a subsidiary of General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent monetization firm that is the managing member of LaserDynamics and the exclusive licensing agent for the company’s patent portfolio.